Monday, November 4, 2013

Match The Math

There is a new app in Google Play: Match The Math

This is a math game inspired in one round of Countdown british TV show (

Match The Math is designed to make you improve your math skills and enable faster problems solving, where you look your resources and target and should find a way to get the target.

There are some screenshots from Match The Math:

This game has 4 levels, you start in Beginner and the others are been unlocked when you get ready.

You will receive trophies and medals for your good results, there are bronze, silver, golden and special categories.

Touch on the numbers and math operations for creating one expression that gets the target.

If you do it, the rewards is yours!

Match The Math has a version for large (or bigger than large) screens.

Take a look, the last number is 9, your expression is giving 35 and your target is 26. What do you do to get the targe?

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Right Angle 2.0

There is a new version of Right Angle App: Right Angle 2.0

This new version adds a help screen and gives you the choice for the orientation of the mark.

Take a look in the following pictures.

The options are available in the menu.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is one of most explored applications of Computer Vision. It's possible to find lots of OCR software and apps for mobile devices.

In a fast search in Google Play, there are dozens of options for test in our Android devices. Some apps were developed to be used as scanners of text, translators or helping tool for learning to read.

Blind people needing to read a label in a box, turists in a foreign country or children learning to read, those and many other public would be much interested in OCR solutions embedded in a mobile device.

In fact, OCR has a great potential to be used in many kinds of solutions, specially for mobile devices.

OCR uses images to make the recognition and these images can be from some sources, for example camera or video streams.

Presented examples, scanners of text, translators and helping tool for learning to read, use images from camera, but it's possible to apply ocr algorithms in video streams and "read" text from a video that is stored in a server and consumed on demand by the device.

OCR can be used as basis for more complex solutions, like augmented reality.

In industry, OCR can be used of many ways, but automation is probably the most impacted area with OCR solutions.

Using OCR features in robots, machines can identify products, read values in displays of sensors, follow written instructions and do many other tasks.

In this post, my intention is to share some knowledge and a way of thinking about OCR, openning the perception of how this technology can help lots of people.

Take a look in existing solutions and search for non-solved problems, think if a mobile device was able to analyse realtime images this problem still happening.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3 unexpected closing apps

Dears, I have received some issues about Samsung Galaxy S3 closing apps after few minutes running, thus I discovered this is a problem of the device.

In fact, my Samsung Galaxy Y runs all my apps very well.

However, there is a suggestion for fixing this problem that I found in

Are you facing issues in your Samsung Galaxy S3 like device getting restarted automatically in between running apps, or apps getting closed suddenly. Following post may be helpful, as it did work with me.

Solution: Galaxy S3 Auto Restart / Apps Close
While using SGS3 (Samsung Galaxy S3), my apps used to self close, or the phone restarts itself, which was a big question mark to me. While googling for different solutions, I did a few experiments on my device to get the issue resolved. Though they were somehow successful with few, while the others, like me, still dint get the actual solution.

Solution 1 – Try It But Dint Work For Me
Few of the solutions I found on websites were like:
- Factory Resetting the phone
- Pull out the battery for a few minutes, and then put it back
- Uninstall default Facebook app / uninstall its update
- Uninstall default Chrome app / uninstall its update
and more

After trying some of the above mentioned tricks, my phone still got restarted in between or the apps close down suddenly, with no error.

Solution 2 – Again, Dint Work
Later, I found a few posts, where I got an idea that this could be the problem with the official firmware installed on my device, so may be I should install another Official firmware of the device to make the problem resolved.

Firstly, I found a Leaked (Official) Firmware of Jellybean 4.2 for my Samsung Galaxy S3, and managed to install it successfully, but nothing happened and the problem of auto restart existed.

Solution 3 – Still Useless
Then I found another Firmware XELLA / XELL1 of Jellybean 4.1, where it was mentioned that it could resolve the issue of auto restart and automatically closing down apps without error, but again, no solution.

Solution 4 – Yes It Worked
After having so many experiments, I planned to sell the phone or return it back, but as I bought it used, the seller refused to take the return :)

S3 I9300 Official Firmware XXEMB5 Jellybean 4.1.2
Finally, I found one last solution to Install Galaxy S3 I9300 Official Firmware XXEMB5 Jellybean 4.1.2, which I thought to give another try, and by the Grace of GOD, I got success in getting my phone issues resolved through this firmware.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Paper about mobile interaction through camera

I found a very interesting paper titled

Camera-Based Motion Recognition for Mobile Interaction

Click here to access the paper on-line.

The cited work presents the state of art about computer vision based apps for mobile devices, some features that can be used for developing new apps and suggestions about resources that be added to the app, like GPS, RFID, accelerometer, etc.

In fact, computer vision based apps for mobile devices is a great field to research and develop interesting and useful solutions.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

About Android apps based on OpenCV

Hi dears, I feel that it's uncomfortable to download OpenCV Manager after downloading one of my apps, however I have done some tests and I have seen it's difficult to avoid this need and in my tests, the apps with OpenCV Manager embedded needs much more memory to be stored.

OpenCV Manager is needed for OpenCV based apps and it needs 13.60MB, if I embed OpenCV Manager in each app, they would need about 14MB to be stored in your device. While downloading OpenCV Manager and sharing it with all your OpenCV based apps of your Android device, your will need only about 500KB (0.5MB) for each app.

I hope every one understands my decision of not embedding OpenCV Manager with all of OpenCV based apps.

Thanks for your attention and comprehension.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Right Angle

Transform your mobile device in a set-square with Right Angle app.

Through your camera, this app identifies a 90° angle between any two lines, creates a target and holds your screen.

All you need is position the mark over the object you want to identify the 90° angle.

There are some samples from this amazing app.

This app is available in Google Play here:


4 Views gives you 4 ways to see the image from your camera.
Choose what you want just touching the screen and take your pictures touching the botton.

4 Views is OpenCV based, it's an Intel Library for image processing and fully safe for you.

There are some samples of this cool app.

This app is available in Google Play here:

Sunday, June 23, 2013


This first post introduces me and my intention of sharing Android apps on line on Google Play.

My accout is Eng Cross and my e-mail is

I'm specialist on Digital Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence, thus my intention is to develop the simplest and easiest to use apps for your Android device that improve your way to see and interact with the environment aroud you.

All apps will have one free version and, some of them, paid versions pedending of demand.