Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Right Angle

Transform your mobile device in a set-square with Right Angle app.

Through your camera, this app identifies a 90° angle between any two lines, creates a target and holds your screen.

All you need is position the mark over the object you want to identify the 90° angle.

There are some samples from this amazing app.

This app is available in Google Play here:


4 Views gives you 4 ways to see the image from your camera.
Choose what you want just touching the screen and take your pictures touching the botton.

4 Views is OpenCV based, it's an Intel Library for image processing and fully safe for you.

There are some samples of this cool app.

This app is available in Google Play here:

Sunday, June 23, 2013


This first post introduces me and my intention of sharing Android apps on line on Google Play.

My accout is Eng Cross and my e-mail is

I'm specialist on Digital Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence, thus my intention is to develop the simplest and easiest to use apps for your Android device that improve your way to see and interact with the environment aroud you.

All apps will have one free version and, some of them, paid versions pedending of demand.