Saturday, July 20, 2013

Paper about mobile interaction through camera

I found a very interesting paper titled

Camera-Based Motion Recognition for Mobile Interaction

Click here to access the paper on-line.

The cited work presents the state of art about computer vision based apps for mobile devices, some features that can be used for developing new apps and suggestions about resources that be added to the app, like GPS, RFID, accelerometer, etc.

In fact, computer vision based apps for mobile devices is a great field to research and develop interesting and useful solutions.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

About Android apps based on OpenCV

Hi dears, I feel that it's uncomfortable to download OpenCV Manager after downloading one of my apps, however I have done some tests and I have seen it's difficult to avoid this need and in my tests, the apps with OpenCV Manager embedded needs much more memory to be stored.

OpenCV Manager is needed for OpenCV based apps and it needs 13.60MB, if I embed OpenCV Manager in each app, they would need about 14MB to be stored in your device. While downloading OpenCV Manager and sharing it with all your OpenCV based apps of your Android device, your will need only about 500KB (0.5MB) for each app.

I hope every one understands my decision of not embedding OpenCV Manager with all of OpenCV based apps.

Thanks for your attention and comprehension.