Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3 unexpected closing apps

Dears, I have received some issues about Samsung Galaxy S3 closing apps after few minutes running, thus I discovered this is a problem of the device.

In fact, my Samsung Galaxy Y runs all my apps very well.

However, there is a suggestion for fixing this problem that I found in

Are you facing issues in your Samsung Galaxy S3 like device getting restarted automatically in between running apps, or apps getting closed suddenly. Following post may be helpful, as it did work with me.

Solution: Galaxy S3 Auto Restart / Apps Close
While using SGS3 (Samsung Galaxy S3), my apps used to self close, or the phone restarts itself, which was a big question mark to me. While googling for different solutions, I did a few experiments on my device to get the issue resolved. Though they were somehow successful with few, while the others, like me, still dint get the actual solution.

Solution 1 – Try It But Dint Work For Me
Few of the solutions I found on websites were like:
- Factory Resetting the phone
- Pull out the battery for a few minutes, and then put it back
- Uninstall default Facebook app / uninstall its update
- Uninstall default Chrome app / uninstall its update
and more

After trying some of the above mentioned tricks, my phone still got restarted in between or the apps close down suddenly, with no error.

Solution 2 – Again, Dint Work
Later, I found a few posts, where I got an idea that this could be the problem with the official firmware installed on my device, so may be I should install another Official firmware of the device to make the problem resolved.

Firstly, I found a Leaked (Official) Firmware of Jellybean 4.2 for my Samsung Galaxy S3, and managed to install it successfully, but nothing happened and the problem of auto restart existed.

Solution 3 – Still Useless
Then I found another Firmware XELLA / XELL1 of Jellybean 4.1, where it was mentioned that it could resolve the issue of auto restart and automatically closing down apps without error, but again, no solution.

Solution 4 – Yes It Worked
After having so many experiments, I planned to sell the phone or return it back, but as I bought it used, the seller refused to take the return :)

S3 I9300 Official Firmware XXEMB5 Jellybean 4.1.2
Finally, I found one last solution to Install Galaxy S3 I9300 Official Firmware XXEMB5 Jellybean 4.1.2, which I thought to give another try, and by the Grace of GOD, I got success in getting my phone issues resolved through this firmware.

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