Monday, November 4, 2013

Match The Math

There is a new app in Google Play: Match The Math

This is a math game inspired in one round of Countdown british TV show (

Match The Math is designed to make you improve your math skills and enable faster problems solving, where you look your resources and target and should find a way to get the target.

There are some screenshots from Match The Math:

This game has 4 levels, you start in Beginner and the others are been unlocked when you get ready.

You will receive trophies and medals for your good results, there are bronze, silver, golden and special categories.

Touch on the numbers and math operations for creating one expression that gets the target.

If you do it, the rewards is yours!

Match The Math has a version for large (or bigger than large) screens.

Take a look, the last number is 9, your expression is giving 35 and your target is 26. What do you do to get the targe?

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